Yaaseen Saleh Mohamed

Designing With a Passion While Finding Myself.

About Me

Hi, I am a UX Designer and Digital Marketer

My SkillsD

UI/UX Design
Digital Marketing

Work Experience

Web Developer

I started at Enhanced Business Solutions (EBS) as a UX Designer and Marketing Manager. I was contracted to Metro Lifestyle as a Inhouse Developer and Marketing Manager and  for 6 months to help grow their business. 

Web Developer
Marketing Manager

Took a 3 Month break from working but still had clients on that I would do Marketing for. I needed to reset myself and evaluate my career path.
I done short contracts for a few business around my area during 2021 and this landed me my current role.

Marketing Manager
Web Developer

Joined Pansula Workwear as a Data Capturer working with a improvised POS on Excel that was made by the General Manager. After 6 months I was promoted to Marketing Assistant, which I really loved. I was also the lead Web Developer and Designer for the last 3 months of my Contract 

Web Developer

I started freelancing as a Junior Front-End Designer after my contract with Medi-Care. I managed to acquire a handful of clients and met my mentor who gave me advise to pursue marketing and UX design


Started at Medicare Pharmacy as a Data Capturer, while studying my MCSD. My task was to clean and move data from and improvised Excel POS to a newly Developed POS.

Data Analytics

My Projects